What I Do

Risk Assessments

All Risk Assessments will be tailored to your individual needs. These will be based on the Work Activity/activities involved, the environment, people and hazards present. They will be based on a full knowledge of the facts gained through information supplied and site visits.

Inspections and Audits

These will be carried out using established procedures and templates which give concise information on non-conformities, relating these breaches in legislation and standards. This enables both a consistency of standards and the production of a highly readable concise inspection/audit report which even a busy senior manager can read as it has an executive summary and concise action list which is prioritised with all actions having a realistic deadline for completion.

Accident Investigations

These will be carried out in a methodical and structured way from ensuring that the scene of an accident is sealed off, protected and recorded to the interviewing of staff for the purposes of fact finding and establishing a sequence of events. The aim is always to establish immediate, secondary and root causes. This enable the company to take remedial actions based on the report and recommendations I provide, not only preventing similar accidents but also helping to remedy issues within the Safety Management System.

Project Management Advice & Support

I can give advice to project manager on the safety implications legislation and standards applicable to new or ongoing projects. It is always easiest to be involved from the inception providing clear information on what needs to be considered and provided for. Resources and effort applied at the beginning can save a lot of money and time later on when compliance need to be achieved.
If your project/task is outside the scope of my competence I will always let you know and make a recommendation for a specialist in the relevant field if requested.