Short Courses

What I Can Teach

Health and Safety Induction Modules

Legal Duties on the Employer and employee

Emergency Procedures – Fire

First Aid

Typical Workplace Hazards

Hazard Reporting

Accident and Incident Reporting

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Typical COSHH Injuries

Routes of Entry

Chemical Substance Form

Manufacturers Safety Data Sheets

Safe Working Limits for Chemicals

COSHH Risk Assessments

Local Exhaust Ventilation and Fume Cupboards

Decontamination Showers

Enclosed Processes

Safety Controls and PPE

Manual Handling

Employer and employee duties

Manual Handling Regulations 1992

Typical Manual Handling Injuries – consequences

Looking after your back – top tips

Hierarchy of Control

Risk assessment (Use of TILE Task : Individual : Load : Environment)

Storage of Equipment and heavy items.

Use of Mechanical Handling Equipment

Test & Inspection of Manual Handling Equipment

Work Equipment & Machinery

Training and Supervision.

Using a Safe Working Method

Risk Assessment

Use of PPE

Setting up Work equipment

Using Work equipment

Clearing down work equipment

Inspection and Testing – Electrical and Mechanical Safety

Working at Height

Work at Height Regulations

Hierarchy of Control

Typical Accidents and consequences

Typical Control Methods.

WAH Equipment – Ladders, scaffolding.

Personal Protective Equipment

Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest Systems

Prevention of Falling Tools, Material &b Equipment.

Other Hazards

Rescue from Height – Suspension Trauma

Training for WAH.

Managing Safely

Assessing Risks

Controlling Risks

Understanding Responsibilities

Understanding Hazards

Investigating Incidents

Measuring Performance

(taken from IOSH Managing Safely Syllabus)

Working Safely

Outline of Occupational Health & Safety

Define Hazard and Risk

Identify common hazards

Improve Safety Performance.

Asbestos Introduction

History of use


Typical Uses


Case Histories



Legionella Awareness

Conditions for Growth




PAT Testing

What is it

Why is it required

Who can do it

How is it performed

Electrical Safety Controls

Practical PAT Session

Knowledge Quiz

I can also offer tailored short training modules to suit your requirements.